/* The “descendant” combinator. */
/* Only paragraphs inside the header. */
header p { color: blue; }

/* The “child” combinator. */
/* Only immediate children paragraphs of `body`. */
body > p { color: gray; }

/* “Adjacent sibling” combinator. */
/* Only immediately preceded by another paragraph. */
p + p { color: teal; }

/* “General sibling” combinator. */
/* Only paragraphs following `h2`. */
h2 ~ p { color: green; }
<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet">
			<h1>Combinators are handy</h1>
			<p>This paragraph should be <em>blue</em>, since it is inside the header.</p>
		<p>This paragraph should be <em>gray</em>, as an immediate child of <strong>body</strong>.</p>
		<p>This one should be <em>teal</em> though, as it follows another paragraph.</p>
		<p>Same for this one.</p>
		<h2>This heading doesn’t have a style itself</h2>
		<p>But will make this following paragraph <em>green</em>.</p>
		<p>And this one too, still after the heading.</p>