Week 12

November 15

Update on the strike

So I know there has been a lot of… let’s say mixed communication around this and where things are at. I’ll tell you what I know.

Our union contract expired on Sunday evening, and our members voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. Our bargaining committee has given the school a deadline of midnight tonight to make substantive progress towards our proposals, which they (so far) have not done.

We might even know by our class time (or during), if they havebut if they haven’t, a strike will begin tomorrow (Wednesday, 11/16).

What will that look like, for us?

Know that I don’t like any of this, either. I would prefer not to go on strike, and I know that this sentiment is shared strongly by my colleagues (your other instructors). But our teaching conditions are your learning conditionsand we don’t think they are sustainable, as it stands.

I am hoping that we are all back together, soon.

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Harmonic Collection review?

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Simplified Jekyll?

We didn’t have time to go through this, last week! I prepped a simplified/pared-down Jekyll template you could use for your projects.

Or some Q/A?

Or, depending where we are with time (and how we are all feeling), we could unpack some Q/A topics:

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